My Top 15 Posts for 2015

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My top 15 posts of 2015. Some good stuff here!
I intended to publish this post a week ago, but we’ve been migrating this site to a new server, and the process made it completely inaccessible for about four days. Sorry about that!

The good news is, the task is done now. The bad news is, I was not able to migrate any of my WordPress subscribers. So if you fall into that category, you will have to resubscribe if you’d like to continue receiving my posts by email.

When looking back at the Loving Life at Home posts that racked up the most views in 2015, my top five list looks virtually identical to the five top posts from 2014. The order has just been shuffled a little:

  1. 25 Ways to Communicate Respect to Your Husband
  2. 5 Must-Read Books for Women Who Think
  3. A Sure-Fire Way to Wipe Out Whining
  4. Pray for Your Husband from Head to Toe
  5. Pray for Your Children from Head to Toe

It seems the more things change, the more they stay the same. Interestingly, not a single one of those five posts were written in the past year. I have to scroll down a bit to get to anything more current, but if I consider only posts published in the past 12 months, my top ten list looks like this:

  1. 7 Ways to Ruin Your Marriage
  2. 7 Ways to Ruin Your Marriage

    Leo Tolstoy wrote in Anna Kerenina, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” That may be true, but most unhappy marriages have at least one of these seven destructive habits in common. If you want your marriage to thrive, you’ll need to ditch these bad behaviors.

  3. The A-to-Z Guide for Building a Better Marriage
  4. How to Have a Happy Marriage: An A-to-Z Guide

    Putting these principles into practice is the best way I know to spell success for you and your spouse. Attend to these areas, and your marriage will do better than survive. It will flourish.

  5. A Tale of Three Babies
  6. A Tale of Three Babies -- Powerful article!

    A true story of three precious little babies and the difficult decisions their parents faced regarding their births. “You knit me together in my mother’s womb.” (Psalm 139:13)

  7. 7 Smart Reasons to Save Sex for Marriage
  8. 7 Smart Reasons to Save Sex for Marriage

    In a culture that glamorizes and encourages premarital sex, this post provides sound advice young people need to hear more often.

  9. Postponing Motherhood… at What Cost
  10. Postponing Motherhood... at What Cost?

    Here’s another important message you won’t hear from mainstream media — hormonal contraceptives carry a much bigger price tag than many women realize. How long can you afford to ignore the risks?

  11. Cultivating Contentment
  12. Cultivating Contentment

    Contentment is not something you should postpone for a more convenient time. If you are ever going to experience it, you must actively cultivate it. This subtle shift in thinking can do wonders for your overall level of happiness and satisfaction in life.

  13. A Prayer for the Sick
  14. A Prayer for the Sick

    If you’ve ever been asked to pray for somebody with a life-threatening illness and have hardly known where to start, this post is for you. Packed with Scripture, it’s an appropriate prayer for anybody who is sick.

  15. Q&A: What If My Drive is Stronger than His?
  16. What if my sex drive is stronger than his?

    I’m hearing from more and more wives who are dealing with the problem of a disinterested spouse these days. How is a Christian woman to respond?

  17. Virginity: Is It Really Worth Saving?
  18. Is Virginity Really Worth Saving?

    Instead of looking to societal norms to answer this question, let’s see what the Word of God has to say about it.

  19. Q&A: I Feel Like I’m Living with Jekyll & Hyde
  20. Living in Peace with Jekyll & Hyde

    Husbands can be difficult at times (as can wives). Here’s a strategy for living at peace with them, even in the midst of their foulest moods.

If you find anything on this list that resonates with you, would you please do me a favor and share it via Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter? In the meantime, I plan to continue blogging as time allows, addressing the topics my readers seem to care about most: marriage, motherhood, feminism, prayer, and Christian living.

Best wishes for a blessed 2016!

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