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  1. Thank you for sharing and creating the prayer “pray for your husband from head to toe. It a great way to pray for my husband. Thank you again.

  2. I saw your reply in Spanish. Any chance that you have this printable available in Spanish? Or can I translate it myself? Thanks!

    1. I don’t have a Spanish translation for that one, but would love to offer one for my Spanish-speaking readers. If you want to send me your translation, I’ll format it into a pretty printable and make it available on the website.

  3. Thank you so much for this! For the last 2+ years, I have used it (and your 25 ways to communicate respect list) to pray for/over my husband and our relationship daily during my quiet time. I use one point from each list every day, and I just keep rotating through. I figured if I had been using them for so long, I should comment and tell you thanks!!

  4. Thanks for this and for posting one for men to pray for their wives. SO much of the material for marriage is just targeting women and it takes two people to make a relationship work. I do believe as first brothers and sisters in Christ, we are called to confront men when they are not in line with God’s will for their lives, and it is to be done in love. So many men run right over their wives and sin without any confrontation because of a misinterpretation of the word of God. Brothers/Sisters in Christ confront each other, as do friends. Spouses are no different.

  5. Yes for wonderful marriage with me and my wife to joy daily and helping others to feel good with blessing of the Lord over us and be thankful for goodness of God daily and for our big familys with 5 daughrts and 1o grand children to be joyful with so thankful in Jesus name,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

  6. Thank you for this prayer and thinking God also I would like to start saying this for my husband because I know prayer does change things.

  7. Thanks for making this available. I will begin using it this evening and every morning thereafter. What a great & easy way to cover my husband in prayer! PTL!

  8. Yes, the back and feet could also be added.

    I do disagree with the “tell your husband the positive/tell God the negative” premise, however. If taken literally, it makes the wife emotionally isolated from and untruthful with her husband. Look at the man’s biblical role toward his wife. She is his helpmeet, but not just. He is to be there for her as well. The idea that a wife must hide her grievances (on whatever topic) in the closet of prayer is unfair to the husband, and deprives him of his opportunities to grow in the relationship with her. It is dishonest, too. Marriage is two people who are all in, and who can count on one another above all other people in the world. It is not the lie that living out this statement literally would create. I agree with prayer, but not with keeping your pains or concerns from your spouse.

  9. Do you really think prayer should be a bucket list of wishes you want? I’m more inclined to be grateful and pray that we all have the courage to trust God’s plan for us?

    1. God’s plan for us is outlined in the Bible, and this prayer along with the one for the wife and kids are absolutely in line with God’s plan for us. God wants us to be specific in our prayers, if you read the Lord’s prayer you can see that.

  10. beautiful and very practical. Thank you have told self severally to get on with praying for my husband and has ended as a good thought. thanks for a practical guide and as i begin praying it will flow and become part of my daily life. will definitely follow your blog

    1. There’s plenty more where that came from, Gail, and your comment compels me to send some of that so-called hokum up on your behalf this evening. I’m praying God’s richest blessings will be yours in 2014!

  11. I find this prayer to be a solid foundation for marriage especially for a Blended Family. Instead of complaining about issues that seems to be difficult sometimes it helps to let go and let God building your spouse at the same time. May God continue to give you wisdom helping others.

  12. Thank you for this easy format to follow, I have always prayed the Word over my husband, for the last 40 years,it’s great to see this in a very teachable format! Maybe my girls will pray for their husbands understanding this outline! God bless you, I’m looking forward to following your blog!
    Donna Perkins

  13. I definitely needed to read and adhere to this advice. I am struggling right now and have not been the praying wife that I should be.

  14. Wow, this is real good advise and I mean that sincerely! Unfortunately, it wasn’t good enough for my marriage. Yes, I know, somehow I must not have prayed enough… I will continue to pray over my husband, as I have for 20+ years now and try to be what he wants/needs. Divorce is NOT an option…adjusting to being not good enough is difficult but is better than tearing apart my family. Besides, it’s my job as a wife to love him…for better or worse! I suppose I’m just one of the few that actually lives out the “worse” throughout my marriage instead of bailing.

    1. I like this list, it’s awesome. If you’d like something more detailed, the book “The power of a praying wife” by Stormie Omartian is great.

  15. My sister sent me this link and I have also found the praying for your wife prayer too. This is sooo timely, wonderful! I can’t leave this site as there is a wealth of information and so many links to go on; one stop shop for Christian family related resources. Thank you for all these wonderful resources.

  16. AWESOME!!! This is a Godsend for marriages & relationships (& in life in general) all over the world. I find that when we become more “like Christ”, selfless & unselfish in our prayer life towards our mates and others is when we reap the best results in our own lives.

  17. Jennifer! I clicked on this link from a friend’s facebook and immediately loved this guide to pray scripture for your husband, and then saw your picture. I had to call my mom because I knew I recognized you but didn’t know where from. She said that we attended Believer’s Chapel with your family years ago. I am 28 now and it was probably 20 years ago? My maiden name is Tara Edwards and my parents are Steve & Jane Edwards, love that I ran across your blog and loved seeing pics of your beautiful family! Hope you are all well! Still in the Dallas area?

    1. Small world, Tara! I remember your folks from our days at the chapel. Give them our best. We’re no longer in Dallas. We’ve been living in Tyler for 16 years now. Still get weekly updates from the Chapel, though, via Will Pherigo.

  18. Reblogged this on A Bit of This, A Dash of That and commented:
    This year one of my goals (not resolutions…see previous post on that one) is to lift up my husband in prayer more often. This is a great guide. Thank you, Jennifer Flanders, for the Head to Toe idea. And I just have to say, I love the advise from Ruth Graham Bell of “tell your mate the positive, and tell God the negative.” Ouch…I usually do the complaining to my hubby….another goal to work on I guess.

  19. Thank you for this. I have not been praying for my husband as I should all the time and I will take this to heart. AS OF THIS MOMENT. He is worth the prayer and I know God will take care of all the negatives in both he and I and replace them with all of HIS positives if I just continue to pray and believe. thank you again.

  20. PRAYER!!!
    What a simple declaration yet ! powerful
    Exegesis of Gods Holy writ, in prayer for
    for a partner/ spouse! I am un married.
    Now but, this prayer plan format I wouespouseld definitely apply if God espouse me!!

  21. And dont forget the passage that talks about “how beautiful are the feet of him who brings good news”- that’s a good passage to help pray for his witness to the world. its not just about praying for his protection but also for the gospel to go forth through him.

  22. Reblogged this on Woman, Live! and commented:
    This prayer can be for any many in your life. I speak for myself when I say that nagging is 2nd nature! Sometimes I’m convinced that my voice will create change in a way my prayers will not. But, we all know (on some level) that isn’t the truth. God can change what man cannot. Prayer works, ladies. Whenever I’ve decided to pray for something (instead of nag), it always happens in the most magical of ways. That magic…His name is Jesus. Keep your man prayed up, ladies. It’ll be a blessing to you both.

    With Love,

    1. thank you brandihawthorne . It is so refreshing to see a young woman realize how blessed she is and cherish her husband through prayer.

  23. I’m wondering if there is a companion prayer for husbands to pray for their wives…as a set, framed, would look great in a bedroom, and would remind each spouse to pray for the other.

  24. Im getting married on the 28th of september this month and I thank God I stumbled onto these prayers. They surely will transform our marriage life. Im definitely going to share these with other women in my church and teach about them as general prayers for all the people that God has given us. God bless you more !!

    1. Thanks so much. I agree with you about the transformative power of prayer. I enjoyed reading the “five finger prayer” pattern you have on your website. And I, too, admire the Grahams. 🙂

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