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  1. Oh, Jennifer! I loved reading this article! My dear husband died 5 years ago this week and I miss him sooooo much! I miss his hugs and kisses alot! Wish I made more of an effort to embrace him with kisses when he would come and go as you encouraged! In fact, I love seeing kissing pictures and finally came upon one from our 35th Anniversary and now treasure it! Thank You for your young wisdom!

    1. Oh, Suzanne! I’m so sorry for your loss. But I know what you mean about cherishing kissing pictures you find of the two of you.

      My husband often sneaks kisses just as the shutter goes off. The first time that happened, right after we were engaged, it really irritated me. I felt he was purposefully trying to photobomb the shot I’d so carefully set up and coordinated with a timer. But, wouldn’t you know it? That picture is one of my all-time favorites — so much so that I used it on the cover of my first book, Love Your Husband/ Love Yourself.

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