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  1. I am greatly encouraged by this. Any man who is reading this article or this comment; if you are saving yourself for marriage and are having doubts or are going through trials with regards to purity, just know that your future wife will be MASSIVELY TOUCHED by your love and commitment to her, to save yourself just for her, in a culture where many do the opposite. And if you are a man who is saving himself for marriage, and are getting flack for it from your friends, or have liked or dated women who have outright turned you down for your refusal to have sex outside marriage, DO NOT GIVE UP. There is a woman out there, who will truly see the treasure that you and your love are. Persevere in God, men. Chastity is not a virtue of weaklings, but of the strong. And likewise, if you are a man who has had sex outside marriage, Our Lord is merciful, and you too, can seek His forgiveness, and start over and recommit to purity again.

  2. I love your balanced approach to this. I was taught from the Christian worldview that having sex before marriage made you a “used car” (in fact, when my friend, who had been raped, mentioned how a Christian pastor had tried to deter guys and girls from having sex before marriage by comparing women who’d had sex to a used car (“you wouldn’t want to buy a used car when you could buy a new one, would you?”) I said, “well it’s kind of true” before realized what an awful thing to say that was. It was ingrained in me…but the way you approach the topic is full of grace and truth. So thankful for your words!


  3. mum this is nice teachings that build up the marriage,am apart of it thank n be blessed. your friend ivon

  4. Hi Jennifer, how can we reach out to your daughter that wrote the story on the blog? This was a very timely word seeing as this has been such a struggle for me. I’d really like to at least be able to communicate with other God-fearing young adult women, who are one, saving themselves for marriage, and two trusting God for their mate. If you could connect the two of us that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless!

  5. I was a virgin when I got married to my husband. Our marriage will be 20 years on 24th of June. He has been calling me Precious ever since that experience of being the one to disvirgin me. Let me add to the reasons to save sex for marriage. He will never have any reason to suspect you are having an affair since you have been able to save that precious experience for him.

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