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  1. Have you ever gone looking for a laser pointer and God hands you a mirror instead? That’s what happened to me recently. We are currently expecting blessing number 5, have more than we deserve and are surrounded with beautiful, faithful friends. Still life gets busy and stressful and people get cranky. Things here had been tense for no apparent reason, but tense none the less. My husband and I had a couple of disagreements in which I ended up yelling at him. I found myself feeling completely entitled as I “typically keep my mouth shut and he needed to hear it”. Fortunately as I was busy trying to find that laser pointer to shine on all my husbands faults, God provided me a mirror through 2 of your posts; this one and “25 ways to communicate respect”. With these tools I was able to get off my high horse and see the errors (intended to be plural) in my ways. I was focusing on my needs and his mistakes. Heaven forbid anyone follow me around and point out every time I don’t get it quite right. I immediately put into action your suggestions and even sent him a list of specific things I would be doing to honor him and this family. Thank you for being a light even when it shines in places we don’t want to see. BTW, I’ll leave out the positive impact it’s had on our “alone time”. 😉 Thanks again and May God Bless you abundantly.

    1. That’s a great analogy, Erin. I think we should all trade in our laser pointers for mirrors, as mirrors prove much more useful when we are removing the plank from our own eye, as Jesus tells us to do. I’m so glad your heart was receptive to the Holy Spirit’s conviction, and I pray He will strengthen your resolve to be more honoring of your husband going forward. Thanks for taking time to write. That means a lot to me. 🙂

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