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  1. It doesn’t come across very well. So far, women who have remained virgins well into old age, so no husband or children, on mothers day have to clap for the single mothers with several children by several different men. Now they have to accept they will die young, and get cancer. Not to mention women who are married with children but can’t breast feed and women who have had several miscarriages but no children. I’m not surprised to hear that unmarried women are leaving churches in high numbers.

    1. I’m sorry, Heather. I know that doesn’t seem fair. But we can glorify God and acknowledge His incredible design, even when we do not personally get to enjoy the full blessings and benefits of that design in a given area. I have three beloved sons with Type 1 diabetes. That puts them at risk for all sorts of horrible things, including blindness, kidney failure, and neuropathy. But I don’t let that fact keep me from appreciating the marvelous way God created the human pancreas and endocrine system to function. It is truly amazing! Furthermore, instead of fretting over all the negative possibilities the future may hold, I pray that God will have mercy on my children who are affected by this lifelong disease, I rejoice over each day we have with them, and I thank and praise Him for the good overall health all three have enjoyed, despite being insulin dependent for so many years.

  2. Thank you for sharing ❤️ I currently have a 10 year old son & his prayer is for more siblings. This post encourages me to keep seeking God inspite of my 2 miscarriages, I believe He will bless me with more children. One day I hope to take a beautiful picture of my entire family like yours & see the blessing of having a spiritual legacy.
    Bless you Sis?

    1. Do you happen to have statistics on educational levels of women compared to their number of children? I would be interested to see those numbers because so far, women with bachelor’s level education and having 9+ children seem to be exceptions rather than the norm. Personally, no I would not want that many children for the sake of my mental health, an Andrea Yeates situation might happen when I think if possible having 4 or mire children.

      1. I definitely think you’re right about women with Bachelor’s degrees and 9+ children being the exception rather than the rule. I did look up the actual statistics for you, though.

        As expected, mothers with a greater than average number of children tend to have a lower than average educational background. However, the article does note that this “educational ‘gap’ in fertility has narrowed in the past two decades, driven in part by increases in family size among the highly educated” — meaning many women with a master’s level degree or higher have lately been opting for larger families. That’s hopeful, I think, and is in keeping with the “Postcards for Macron” conversation cited above.

        To view these statistics yourself, just follow this link.

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