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  1. I am a Christian- and I was married before to a man that after 22 years had a year long affair and through me away – no sorrys/ I was tossed out like trash. Then I met someone who i felt love me so differently- with heart and spirit- and not just for sex, like so many men pretend to care about you till they get something… He was different. But without going on and on- I will cut to the chase. He has a pride that I can’t appeal to no matter how lovingly I speak to him. he gets a thought in his head and i can NOT change it- I was married a LONG time before to a man who focused on him- to the point he threw me away and it was only about him… Now- I am appealing ever so softly to my new husband to just give a little attention each day to helpig our marriage. I sent him a beautiful link called “17 Rules for a happy marriage from Gods great book (the bible of course- for which he seems to respect) but he NEVER even read the first sentence- in fact, I was sitting by him and saw him quickly pass it over on his email and asked- Honey, did you get a chance to look at that? He said- NO!— but i will/ well it was sent a month ago… and everyday he plays video games- goes on Social media sites- skypes friends (not girls) but this is showing me his prioritys and that I don’t fit…. that he believes the marriage will work or not with the roll of the dice- yet his temper is hot- his pride is sky high… and I am 46 and have had enough pain. He left his last wife, got tired of her- and now- I don’t want to be tossed away again.. I told him tonight he needs to decide if he wants US or not. If he does, he needs to help it grow through good communication based on bible principles…. just a bit each day – I know it doesn’t work by my effort alone. I have to save myself before i am thrown away again…. I tried so hard for 20 plus years- this time- i know/ life is only so long- do my best/ don’t get angry- but give a choice- and leave it to God. Please God- I hope he wants US to work… if not, help me stay strong and go on….

    1. I’m so sorry about your situation, Melissa. I pray God will soften the heart of your husband and that He will give you strength to do the right thing, even if you see no indication of your husband ever changing.

  2. Jennifer,

    I am in a relationship with a godly young man right now, and we are prayerfully considering moving from courtship to engagement. I recently came across your blog about 25 ways to show respect to your man, and have read through some of your blog posts since that time. I was wondering if you could recommend some books that would be helpful to read for either myself, or both of us, regarding biblical marriages and the practical how-tos. I’ve read various books over the years including: The 5 Love Languages, For Women Only, and a few other such books that escape me at present, but I want to read more about how to have a Christ-centered and biblical marriage in a world that discourages such ideas, and how to be a supportive and loving wife to whomever God leads me to marry.

    Thank you for you blog, and for your encouragement to women

  3. Thank You Lord for using this sweet woman’s heart for “healthy, “dying to my feelings, submitting to Yours”
    To minister to a “wretch like me!!”

  4. For me this means being just as patient with my husband as I want him to be with me. And just as forgiving of his flaws as I want him to be of mine. How does it apply for your marriage?

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