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  1. Very loving and descriptive poem! I wrote a similar one about my boyfriend but with a grotesque twist just for fun. I went looking on the internet for poems of a similar topic and thankfully found your page. I can’t believe more women don’t appreciate these things about men. Men are definitely not men anymore. They’re androgenous blobs anymore. By the way, i’m a believer but probably not as influenced by faith as you are. I hope that doesn’t preclude you from relating to me as I’ve related to you through this poem. I’m so glad other women share my sentiments about manliness!

  2. I hope I can write something like that for someone some day, beautifully written full of honor, love and respect.

  3. Jennifer,

    I like your blog, it has been helpful! I enjoyed your poem, I am married to a SUPER MANLY MAN!
    That is what makes him so irresistible and SEXY!!!!!!!!!! We have been married for thirteen years now.
    It isn’t always easy, but I am trying to respect and honor my commitment to the LORD!
    God Bless you and your family!


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