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  1. What a wonderful poem! Our fourth to serve in the military leaves on Tuesday for Army basic training. My husband served in the Marines for almost 26 years, and they’re all following in his footsteps; even our daughter served four years in the Air Force. I’m so thankful for a loving God to watch over them and bring them safely home, either to me or to Him. Thanks for all your support of mothers!

    1. Thankful for a loving God who watches over them and brings them home safely… Amen to that. Please tell your husband and children how much we appreciate their service. I’m glad you liked the poem!

  2. This was an amazing find for me! I’m printing out the poem ASAP. Our oldest son just left for the Army 10 days ago. Infantry. I’m excited for him, ridiculously proud, and also so sad to see him go! Full of emotions!! It’s tough. I just discovered your site recently and am so happy I did. What a blessing! And imagine that you have 1 in the military too-wow! 🙂

      1. How did I miss this reaponse? And 2 months ago too! (Exactly on my Army son’s birthday?) Goodness, Germany! You are so great to be so tough. I’m nervous where my son will be stationed, we find out in 6 days! I try so hard to remain tough & proud, but it’s a challenge sometimes for sure. (Well, not the proud part! ?). Your son is also an amazing person for serving-thank him for us all 🙂
        Bless you all

      2. How did I miss this response?! (And you sent it on his birthday too 🙂 ). We just found out a few hours ago our son is stationed in Germany too!! Oh my, what a mix of emotions! Sad, concerned, indescribably proud, excited…you name it! He went from a super tight knit, loving, close homeschooled family to OSUT and now his 1st duty station is patrol in Germany! I don’t even know what to think. I’d love to know how your son gets along, what his days are like. Ours is the only one out of 200 something young men to be sent there. So he’ll be going alone. He’s REALLY looking forward to this new life, but wow this will be a change. I wonder how often he can visit & such. No one we know has any clue, usually the guys are stationed here in the US. How different! So finding this response TODAY after 2 whole months was amazing. Just amazing timing 🙂

        1. That’s great, Amy. Has he left yet? Ours moved over in August. We miss him, but will be traveling over ourselves to see him soon! I’m interested in knowing how often he’ll get to come home. I’m guessing not much, but maybe I’m wrong? Love and prayers sent your way today, as well, that God will comfort you in his absence and keep him safe!

          1. He leaves after Christmas. They’re letting him have Christmas this year since he is going oversees. He’s not certain on details yet, even his location there, but I’m totally wondering how often he can visit too! :). I bet it isn’t often either, but I guess only time will tell. I just wish it wasn’t such a long time ;). (3 year contract). Good luck to you all and thanks for taking the time to do this blog. It’s so beautiful and inspiring. I just went up to reading 3 blogs now & I believe 2 of you possibly read each other’s. Not sure. Ha-Doesn’t matter anyway! Thanks again!

          2. Just a question, where (general area -no personal info!!) David is located? Our son just switched to medic today & I’m wondering if they will cross paths :). Ours is in Hohenfels.

  3. As an Army Mom I appreciated your post and the poem. We just recently went to San Antonio to see our son be promoted to Sgt. First Class. What a proud moment! After serving in Iraq and Afghanistan as a combat medic, he will now be stationed in Hawaii, working in a hospital along with his wife who also served in Iraq as a medic. We are so proud of them and all the young men and women who serve our country. Please share our thanks to your son! God bless!

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