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  1. I really need encouragement going into this new school year. Thank you so much for giving me that today with the CLASS prayer. I pray for a kinder, softer world and I would love that anyone reading this will pray this over this upcoming school year for myself and all teachers.

    1. I am praying that for you right now! My sister has been a schoolteacher for about twenty years. The world needs more good, kind-hearted, dedicated teachers who still look to God for the wisdom and strength they need to do their job and do it well!

  2. I would like you to pray for my daughter who has black slide. She is 26 and will be 27 on 24th March. Please pray that she come back to God and that God will use her for his glory. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi, Alicia.

      It is so hard to watch when our children walk away from the Lord, but we can be confident that He loves them even more deeply than we do ourselves. God desires that none would perish, but all would come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9)

      I’m praying even now that He would in lovingkindness draw your daughter to repentance. That she would forsake her willful ways and submit herself to God. That she would look to Him to fulfill her and sustain her and give her life purpose, instead of searching for satisfaction apart from Him. For you and I both know that nothing else can ever take the place of Jesus in the human heart, and that she will continue to sense that something is missing until she gets right with Him.

      I’m also praying for you this morning, Alicia. I’m praying God will give you wisdom in relating to your grown daughter. That He will help you discern when to voice your concerns and when to keep your mouth shut. That He’ll help you to love her, no matter how hard she tries to push you away. And that His light will shine through you, granting you peace in the midst of hardship and a joy that can never be shaken.

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