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  1. Some people shouldn’t be parents. My son has categorically stated that he doesn’t want a family of his own. Knowing him as I do, I agree with him.

  2. Great thoughts on this very sad “movement”. I am a graduate of a prestigious university and after several years in the work force, I had great career potential, but I willingly and joyfully chose the privilege of staying home with our four children, and have not one moment of regret. Children are indeed a gift from the Lord!

  3. This really does make me sad. As a woman experiencing infertility it really makes me boil. We really don’t know what we have until its taken from us. Lets pray for an end to abortion and treating our children like they are ornaments. Each one matters!

  4. I agree completely! Thank you for sharing and encouraging me to speak joyful thankful words more often about my children. They are such a blessing!

  5. What a beautiful article , very well said . As a mom of 4, who are now young adults, 17-24. I think about their thoughts on future parenthood, as I have heard a couple of them say they do not want children.
    It’s a very sad thought as a mom. I pray they will meet the perfect mate and God will bless them with children.

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