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  1. An empowered woman has the CHOICE of whether she wants to exist to serve the needs of men and babies, or if she wants to be something more or less. That’s empowerment. Declaring that we should all just stroke the egos of men and be broodmares isn’t empowering at all. I’ve been the high-paid woman who kicked butt and didn’t take names. I’ve been the work-at-home mom and homemaker who homeschools. I prefer the latter side myself, but many others don’t, and that’s fine. We empowered women can freely choose for ourselves. You take away a woman’s power when you try to shame or guilt her into make the decision you’ve decided is right for her.

  2. I love this. I found you on Jezebel and was expecting this blog to be awfully bigoted, but it has really surprised me. While you adhere to traditional Christian values, you do so by celebrating women, not by devaluing the housewife and mother role as so many modern women do. It is refreshing to see a feminist that is celebrating femininity and not trying to suppress it. Thank you 🙂

  3. I absolutely love your blog!! As a motherless daughter (who only lives 3 hours away from me) I am so grateful for women like yourself and these wonderful blogs of encouragement that have been such a blessing to me in this last year. Its so refreshing to know that I DO have older wiser women than I can learn from, & be encouraged & inspired by each day. God has given me much greater clarity in these last few months, and this post as well as others are constant reminders of His Unfailing Love for His children.
    Thank you again for sharing your wisdom, encouragement, & heart. You are touching the lives of many hurt souls!
    God Bless!

  4. I found your blog via a very snarky post at [a popular feminist website] and as a result, I now subscribe to your blog, and I’ve just unsubscribed to [the other] site. Thanks for such an inspiring, awesome, post!


  5. Very clever. I see what you are doing here. Attempting to appropriate feminist rhetoric and use it to promote a conservative-christian message by reifying the patriarchal system and reinscribing traditional gender norms. Very sneaky. Do you even know what feminism is?

  6. Empowered women are empowered because they have choices. CHOICES. Empowered women aren’t empowered when others try to take choices away from them. This post is misguided.

    1. Yes, we have a choice. The choice that all humankind has. The choice to say yes to God, like Mary, or to say no to God, like Eve. One brought sin an death into the world, the other the Savior. This choice is ultimately the only choice that matters.

  7. Thank you for the wonderful post. I’ll be sharing it with my Emily today and the daughters of our homeschooling support group. betty jo

  8. Great post! I believe the celebration of youth has done a lot of damage to our understanding of what really makes men and women self-assured; perhaps by giving older women the prestige and honour they used to hold, our world can find peace.

  9. Beautiful message that I will be passing on To friends young and old. Very inspiring Christian message that we all need to hear Thank you for your good works. You are the Body of Christ her on earth.

    Blessings and may the spirit keep doing good Works in you .

    Roberta Gaines

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