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  1. Brilliant post, thank you.

    “women have lost far more than they’ve gained in the sexual revolution.”

    Oh, amen to that. It astounds me that there are still women who don’t see it and also women who still seek to erase all those qualities that make women so amazing.

  2. This is really interesting food for thought Jennifer. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for taking so many trends and putting them into a bite-sized chunk for the rest of us to get easily. I didn’t know ab out the Dunsten interview or article since I live in the Middle East.

  3. This is a really interesting article! When I was 20, I told my now husband that I would consider his proposal of marriage only if he agreed it would be non-traditional in terms of gender roles and freedom. Now, at 29, my feelings seem to have shifted a little. In the anonymity of cyberspace I can admit I would like him to be more “masculine” and I would like to be taken care of for a while. As the sole income earner, I seem to have taken on some of the traditionally masculine roles while still getting stuck with cleaning, most of the “caring”, all of the planning, etc.
    While I love working and thank the feminist movement for the chance to do so, the idea of a knight in shining armour… or just of having the freedom to be a stay at home mum… seems wonderful. How times change!
    I’ll be checking out those books, thank you for the links!

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