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  1. This is a comment I originally attempted to leave on the Tyler Newspaper site with no success.

    Hi! My name is Dawn Summers and I am attempting to reach out to Jennifer Flanders. My husband (Will) and I, along with 10 of our 11 children and live-in mother are moving to the Tyler area soon. I have read Jennifer’s book Love Your Husband Love Yourself and was greatly impacted by the Biblical truths she presents. We are hoping to have the Flanders recommend their church to us. Would you please pass along this post? Thank you!

    1. Hi, Dawn.

      You found me! I’m so happy to hear my book was a blessing to you. Also, welcome to Tyler! How soon will you be moving? We’d love to have your whole family over for dinner once you get here. We attend the 8 AM service at Grace Community Church, which is about 12 minutes from our house. But, depending on where you’ll be living, we can recommend several other excellent churches in town, as well, and help you connect with some families who are part of those congregations. We’ll look forward to hopefully meeting you soon!

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