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  1. Love your song. Celebrating with you here in Australia. What a great stand for Texas to make. May others quickly follow suit. God be praised.


  2. Good news indeed! However, this law only bans abortion after 6 weeks. My husband regularly stands outside an abortion clinic on Fridays in San Antonio.

    Today was the first day since the bill went into law that he was back protesting outside the clinic. He said they were probably the busiest they’ve ever been since he started going, and the website of this place doesn’t exactly advertise any other service they offer.

    It was also a very confrontational day for him, as more people then usual yelled terrible things and made other random threats. All in all, he realized the fights not yet over. He’ll continue to show up on Fridays and offer hope outside to any who would be willing to listen.

    Celebrate for the great strides won, but remember we’re not quite done. ?

    Just thought I’d share.

    1. I agree, Lindsay, and appreciate your husband’s stand. Banning abortion after 6 weeks is a great start, but not the final goal. We continue to pray that the sanctity of life would be respected and protected at every age and stage of development. Jennifer

  3. I know, it’s such great news! Thank you Lord and to all who helped get this passed and have been fighting for babies rights for the past 50 years!

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