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  1. Would you be able to do a “pray for your child” for those who do not know the sex and so we might use just one for our respect life ministry?
    God’s peace,

    1. It took a little rewording, but I figured out a way to do as you asked, Robin. Anything to help out folks in pro-life ministries! I just sent you a revised PDF directly, but I’ve also now linked it above, for others who might be praying before they know the sex of their little one.

  2. hello, I can’t download the picture 🙂
    can you do something about it?
    many thanks and God bless you..

    when I clicked the image, here is the notice:
    404: File Not Found

    1. Sure, Bisi. I’d be happy for you to do that. You’ll just need to credit your source with my name (Jennifer Flanders) and web address (http://lovinglifeathome), and I’d also appreciate it if you’d let your readers know they can find a free printable version of the prayer on my site, as well.

  3. Hello. I love the prayers except for the one on Health. You said if it would please him, God would give your child good health. THAT IS UTTERLY AND ABSOLUTELY WRONG STATEMENT! JESUS died to take away our diseases and sickness away, he went about healing the sick in thousands, and the bible says by his stripes you were healed. IT IS HIS WILL TO GIVE GOOD HEALTH TO EVERYONE! Would you purposefully hurt your child? Yet you’re just human how much more God. God does not make anyone sick to teach them anything. That is A LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL! GOD IS LOVE AND LOVE DOES NOT AFFLICT.

  4. I prayed for my children to have teachable attitudes that would learn from instruction and other people’s mistakes. That they would love The Lord and have thankful and cheerful hearts. And God answered my prayers.

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