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  1. If this is true, I think I’m definitely the exception. I have two younger brothers who never came up for air as children when it came to talking. Me on the other hand as the only girl, and the eldest always had my head in a book and only spoke when necessary.

    1. You sound a lot like me, Gina. My husband and a couple of my boys are far more talkative than I have ever been. But several of our sons and most of our daughters are far more typical in their communication styles — the guys being quiet and reserved and the girls being extremely verbal. Obviously those generalizations are just noting tendencies and do not hold true in every individual case.

  2. What a wonderful analogy and lesson! Thanks for sharing.
    Four of our five children are boys, some take after their dad and talk incessantly, others take after me and are quieter, listening much and speaking little. I was amazed! Our daughter is somewhere in-between. The differences among our children has been a source of wonder through the years. They are now all adults and gone from home; I’m still learning from them, and may it ever be so.

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