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  1. When we were first married my husband & I did a lot of stay at home dates bc he did not want to go out, he did not love it when I planned going out dates. It wasn’t until we had a talk & I shared with him that going out & doing something fun was my “me time”- my husband is an introvert & I am an extreme extrovert- that it clicked for him & he was willing to go out & do things a couple times a month. He even took ballroom classes with me for my Christmas present. Nothing sexier than the tango! ????
    Maybe you just need to talk to him in his language.
    Best of luck on all of your date adventures!!

    1. Wow! I am proud of your husband for agreeing to ballroom dance lessons. My husband is quite the extrovert, but I’d have a hard time talking even him into doing a tango in public. Ha!

  2. Great ideas, Jennifer! My husband and I have done all of the suggested date nights. We are now empty nesters and I read a fun quote that says, “girls should be fun and fantastic.” I tend to get too entangled in my work, my clients, my friends, and my grown children and grandchildren. I’m learning day by day to give more and more to God, my King of the Universe, my Providor, and my Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Healer. My all in all! We can get too weighted down when we forget to give it to God.
    The truth is our husbands don’t want to come home after a long hard day and hear the woes of our world. I’m working at only telling him what is absolutely necessary and in as few words as possible. Just enough for us to pray together. Then, I focus on being fun and fantastic. Our decisions take us to our destiny. I desire to have as many fun and fantastic evenings and weekends as we possibly can. Does that mean we go out and spend a lot of money? Absolutely not. We find things to do at home such as Jennifer’s list and are continuously creating new ideas. Most of our vacations are planned during off seasons as that makes traveling half the cost. I stand with Jennifer and encourage you to get excited and start planning your next date night today!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I know your husband is thrilled with the “fun, fantastic” girl he gets to come home to! Blessings on your newly-empty nest (I saw the wedding photos — you and your daughter-bride both looked beautiful!) and best wishes for making many, many more happy memories with your man!

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