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  1. I also grew up going EVERY YEAR (once I was old enough) to those seminars. They did add value to my life, and gave me a foundation to build on, but I have to admit, I feel a bit brainwashed by them and still check my thought processes when I encounter some “Christian” topics. I grew up in a legalistic church, in legalistic camps, and even some college years at ultra conservative schools (who have had to reconsider their rules and implementations)…it is hard to break away from the thought process sometimes. I’ve seen many of my friends and family completely throw out all they grew up learning, become skeptics of anything Christian, and this makes me sad as they cannot separate the good and refuse the untruths.

    1. Yes, sometimes the bathwater gets so murky, it’s easy to understand why folks would mistakenly throw the baby out when emptying the tub. But that is never the right answer. Just as a parent should grab hold of their child, wrap him in a towel, and keep a firm grasp on him before attempting to toss out the befouled water, Christians should cling tightly to Christ as they try to flush out any polluted doctrine that has seeped into their thinking but that contradicts the truth of God’s Word.

  2. Thank you, Jennifer, for this informative synopsis! You covered excellent points. I was afraid she was just going to bash her lovely parents who were simply doing the best they knew how. I only saw one episode of their show, and don’t follow any of them, but still have great respect for her parents.

    1. Thanks, Janine. I feel the same way. We’ve never followed their show, but I’ve read several of their books and have crossed paths with Jim Bob and Michelle a couple of times. They are very sweet and sincere.

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