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My "Do It Now" List | Loving Life at HomeAs important as it is to remember that life doesn’t end when our last child leaves home, it is even more imperative for us to recognize that that time will arrive much sooner than we think.

Which is why, on the back of my “Empty Nest List”, I keep a “Do It Now List” — for all those fleeting pleasures I want to enjoy to the fullest while I still have the opportunity to do so:

– Rocking my babies
– Hugging my toddlers
– Encouraging my teens
– Loving my husband
– Praying with my family
– Taking bike rides
– Serving delicious meals
– Reading classics aloud
– Calling my mother
– Counting my blessings

It is often the small things that mean the most to our little ones — homemade cookies fresh from the oven, a love note tucked under their pillow, a pat on the back for a job well done, a smile when they enter the room. We must be intentional about how we invest our short time together; otherwise, we will find it “slipping through our fingers.” And once it’s gone, there’s no getting it back.

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  1. deeprootsathome

    Thank you! Thank you, for sharing this lovely and simple post! It is so true and is a wonderful reminder to major in the major things! I hope you keep sharing your thoughts with us on ‘Encourage One Another’ Wednesday. Blessings!

  2. What Joy Is Mine

    Jennifer…our oldest got married on Saturday so I am still digesting that big change in my life. We still have two at home so those little moments stolen to say something kind and encouraging or to do something fun and memorable are still at my fingertips. And when our oldest comes home (with his wife) from time to time to hang out, I will definitely make sure I do the same while they are here. Thank you for a fabulous post and for linking up at What Joy Is Mine.

  3. Kaye Swain

    So very true! It seems like just a couple of years since my kids were tots. NOW it’s my grandchildren who are growing up wonderfully, but much too fast. And I make sure to do as much hugging and loving and sharing God’s love as I can. What joys He has called us to!

  4. TeachingWhatIsGood (@teachwhatisgood)

    *sniff, sniff* My oldest went back to school from her last spring break. When graduation is done she’ll be moving across the country with a possible marriage on the horizon. I’m excited for her but it was a wonderful time of sharing memories when she was home. It makes me sad and longing for those younger days, but I’m excited for what the Lord is calling her to in her life and the impact she will have on others for His Kingdom.