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I’ve been pondering what to get my husband this year for Valentine’s Day, as it’s only a week away.

In years past, I’ve written him poems, like this or this. And once I stitched him a silk-embroidered bed pillow, which has been broadcasting the same secret message for more than a decade now.

But just as I was starting to feel stumped for ideas, Doug made it super-easy on me.

“Valentine’s is coming up,” he reminded me earlier this week. “I thought it might be good for you to turn our Love and Respect lists into some sort of graphic we could post for the occasion.”

I told him I thought that was a great idea and got right to work on it. The next day, I presented him with two pieces of subway art: the one pictured here on communicating respect and another (which you can find on his blog) on expressing love.

Both designs are also available in shades of blue.

Incidentally, Doug’s been making good progress on the book version of 25 Ways to Show Love to Your Wife, which should be available sometime this spring. The parts I’ve read so far are terrific! You can expect more detailed posts from him on related topics as he continues to work on that, so you may want to subscribe to his blog if you don’t already follow it.

How Do I Love Thee? A Devotional Journal for Wives

0 thoughts on “Love and Respect – Subway Art Printables

  1. Leandra

    I am still having trouble getting the one for wives. .I am clicking directly on the pic and it is taking me to the husband’s one. Do I need to click somewhere else?
    thank you and God Bless

  2. betsydecruz

    Great graphic you have here with some good ideas for communicating respect. I read this book, and your graphic brings it back to memory. So important to communicate respect.

  3. Pie Coyle

    I’m trying so hard to print the subway graphic for my husband for valentines day so I can frame it. I can only get the graphic for the wife to print. Please help

  4. Shelli Huron


    I love this printable, but I’m only getting the one for the husbands (Love your Wife), not the other one.

    Can you please fix the link, or resend?

    Thanks! Shelli


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