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  1. My fiancé and I were walking through a swanky part of downtown and passed a boutique toy store with hopscotch painted on the sidewalk outside. Without saying anything he jumped through the whole pattern, then kept walking and acted like nothing had ever happened! I couldn’t stop laughing. Love that he still lets his little boy side out sometimes!

  2. My husband has the funniest dreams, and he talks in his sleep. I love how playful they are. Last night he baptized 2 dolls in a convertible going through a car wash and our pastor told him that was the way you did it.

  3. I have so many embarrasing moments. Lets see…..Like the time my boyfriend and I were dating. He was driving his truck with the windows down and a sleeveless T-shrit on.. I sat like a good girl, with my hands folded in my lap. (We were at the “just holding hands on occasions” phase in our relationship). He had made me laugh. I turned to him and laughed out of my nose, ya know, keeping my mouth closed and forcing air through my nares. Well, a huge and I mean…..HUGE booger flew out of my nose and onto his bare arm! The booger was bigger than my nostril!? I covered my mouth in horror. He looked at it while his hand were on the wheel and said, “Get it off me!” I clutched the gargantuant thing and flung it out the window. That boyfriend wound up marrying me a year later. BTW…we’re still married. He loved me, booger and all. 🙂

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