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  1. Wonderful. After 51 years to Mr Right.
    Talk a lot! Forgive freely stay committed love deeply and care for each it other always. It takes work but so worth it.

  2. I had a similar experience and at the time I was so disappointed that the proposal was so wrong but then realized it wasn’t right for me. I wish I had a witty response like you did! I have a happy ending too and couldn’t imagine God had this great blessing in store! It’s a great lesson to our single sisters out there – keep the faith and know you are a cherished child of God. He delivers!

    1. Yes, God does deliver, Cherie, although not always on the time-table we hope for. But what He chooses to send is far better than we could ever imagine beforehand. So glad you turned down the disappointing proposal and are enjoying a happy ending with the one you accepted!

  3. Love this!?❤️ It’s perfect. And also made me literally laugh out loud at your interpretation of the first guy’s proposal ?

    1. It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud when it happened, Amy. Had YouTube been a thing back then, I would’ve thought sure my friend was pranking me and hunted for a hidden camera. Ha!

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