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  1. I second “The Enchanted Cottage.” Robert Young called it his favorite movie and named his home after it.

    “A man and woman in love have a gift of sight not granted to other people.”

    One of my favorite movies!

    1. Thanks for the backstory, Sallie. I will definitely have to see it soon. Robert Young was my celebrity crush in grade school. While my peers were pining after pop musicians and Hollywood heartthrobs, I was enamoured with Jim Anderson and Marcus Welby, MD — Young’s only roles with which I was familiar. Even at that young age, I preferred brainy guys who were great with kids. Ha!

  2. I love this! You explained everything so well. Have you ever seen the old movie The Enchanted Cottage? It’s about this very subject. If you haven’t seen it, please ask for it for a gift, because you will love it! I’ve wanted to write a post on the truth of this, that the more you physically care for others, the more beautiful they become in your eyes. You said it really well.

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