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  1. Hello Jennifer, I was wondering if you have checked out Memory Verse Media’s, Memory Verse Songs Volume 1. It is in the genre of Children, but it probably should not be…it sounds like it caters more to teens and Adults.

    The first 13 passages are modern sounding and the next 13 are at a slower tempo and genre, with a British voice actor. They are really cool, not just for memory verses, but as songs. Just thought you might like to check it out.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing your creative ideas for scripture memorization, dear Jennifer!
    Technology can assist with some of them, but not replace them. A Bible memory app comes in handy when it’s about managing your review schedule, attaching an image or photo to a verse flashcard, recording yourself reciting a verse, seizing your waiting time at the doctor’s for a quick memorization game or for reviewing some of your due flashcards, or you can listen to your Scripture memory verses while you are driving to work, or quickly download a verse to your verse collection in a church service. One of the apps that assists in all of these ways is Remember Me. It’s free for iPhone, Android, and web. No ads, no restrictions.

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