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  1. We were going to Niagara falls from Boston on a family trip. Few hours into the trip we realized the two year old didn’t have shoes. Couldn’t find any shoes in her size in the area of the hotel, except for a pair of rain boots. Which she proceeded to wear for the rest of the vacation. It did NOT rain. 🙂

  2. What a fun read! With some great wisdom here too. A few of my own:
    1. When wearing light-colored pants or skirt, check the mirror to make sure the flowers on your undies aren’t visible to others.
    2. When delivering a great comeback, watch your exit…or you might undermine your perfectly-crafted-for-once remark by running into a large column on your way out. (That’ll teach a girl humility.)
    3. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” doesn’t mean to do everything for others the way you’d want them done, but to consider their preferences and what communicates love and care to them.
    4. When the plumbing goes bad, do not expect that the presence of testosterone in your husband will magically transform him into a handyman. Just call a plumber and enjoy the other gifts your hubby brought to the marriage.

  3. The comment about checking your children for shoes made me laugh! Several years ago we left on a Sunday morning to go to church with my in-laws who live an hour away. As we neared Nan and Poppa’s house we realized our son had no shoes on! A quick stop at Walmart later we were all set.

  4. Great post! Here’s a few lessons I’ve learned and oh my could I go on and on.
    Never give a three year old markers, even if they are “washable”.
    Skin-so-soft is the only thing that will safely clean “washable” marker off the antique wood rocking chair, and three year old skin.
    Chapstick in the dryer will ruin all the clothes it was dried with and scrubbing with dawn and rewashing 6 times still won’t get all the chapstick out.
    If your tire looks low get some air in it immediately and as soon as possible get it fixed, a blow out is dangerous and takes more of your time than stopping and filling it with air.
    It’s hard at first to curb a sharp tongue but with much prayer and a little practice relationships in every aspect of life will improve.

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