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  1. Jennifer,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You will never know how much I needed to read your article today. I have printed both the “Which Describes You?” and the “God’s Plan is Best” printouts. I’ve also printed your whole article! I’ve printed so many of your articles in the past I could fill a 3-ring binder full of them!
    Aaaaaaand I have a file named “Loving Life at Home” that I direct all of your emails to after I read them. Just a click away from a refreshing word from Jennifer! Thank you for your ministry. You have undoubtedly lifted many weary souls today – mine being one of them.
    Kathi 🙂

    1. So glad to hear that this article was timely for your today, Kathi. And thank you SO MUCH for all your encouraging words — and for taking time to share them with me. That made my day!

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