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  1. I always love receiving your emails!!! So encouraging!!! I remember reading your email last year with your goals for the year and u though I can do that. I didn’t but it was awesome trying. Good luck this year.

    I have 7 children. My youngest is 11 months old. My goals are to be a more patient mother this year and also to lose a few pounds.

    I’m doing some hiit works from random you tube that are only 15 minutes. I’ve only done 3 so far. Good luck. Happy New year.

    1. That sounds great, Morgan. My daughter has been doing some 7-minute workout videos with her younger siblings. She found those on YouTube, also. In regards to weight loss, I’m focusing on lifestyle change rather than the number I see on the scale. I have a very efficient metabolism, so the needle may not move as much as I hope, but I’ve committed to exercising every single day and being more careful about what I eat. I’ve made it four days so far. Three cheers for small steps!

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