Forever After (Free Printable Subway Art)

Wedding season is upon us: We’ve been invited to three weddings in four weeks, and it’s not even June yet!

What’s more, at least two of those brides are in their early twenties, which gives me hope that the trend toward delaying marriage an extra decade (or forgoing it altogether) may be starting to turn.

That makes me happy.

To celebrate, I decided to create a new piece of subway art.

You can print the design in the original 8×10 size for framing, or if you’re the crafty sort, you may want to print four copies per page, trim, and then mount them on cardstock to make your own wedding cards.

This is what all the brides we know will be getting with their gifts from us this season (along with a copy of my book).

How Do I Love Thee? A Devotional Journal for Wives

3 thoughts on “Forever After (Free Printable Subway Art)

  1. g2-ee034a87137e4cbd7438896748847686

    I love it, but is there a way to edit the last part? Assunder is misspelled, it is asunder.

    1. Jennifer Flanders Post author

      Thank you SO MUCH for letting me know about that typo. I hate that it has been up so long, and you are the first person who has pointed out my mistake to me. I’ve switched out all the files now, so the corrected version should be good to go. 🙂

  2. C.L.J.

    I love it!! I think I will edit it to the colors of my wedding and then print it and use it on the Big Day.. 🙂 Thank you Jennifer!


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