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  1. You can not be more right. I’m 15 and this aggravates me so much when my mom does these! Thanks for spreading the word! Hopefully parents see this.

  2. Teen girls hate it when their parents suggest father daughter dating and other activities. Teen girls just want to be with their friends, not hanging around their dad. I think we expect for our children to think the same ways that we do, but they don’t.

    I know this to be true, because I have teen daughters, one of them being very expressive about her autonomy.

  3. These are SO good, Jennifer. I really appreciate this. Going to tweet and share on facebook. I think my teens hate it when I major on minors. Like what they’re wearing today or how they do their hair. (I’m not talking about immodest dress, just styles I don’t care for.)

  4. I love this! I have 3 teenagers right now and all of these are true. For mine though they hate when we forget their hearts. I have found when I let my kids know that their hearts are good but their action wasn’t they have an easier time aligning their actions to their heart, and their heart towards The Lord. I also remind them often that we judge others in their actions, and ourselves on our intentions. ❤️

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