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  1. Hello, Dr. and Mrs. Flanders,

    I am still a new coming fan but I sure have loved everything you post. I am only 16 but I pray God will give me the grace and luck of having a happy, and beautiful reletionship and family like you do. And if you have any specific tips I would love to hear about them!

    Keep everything a rolling you guys are awesome.

    With Love


    1. Hi, Lisa. I’m afraid I haven’t written much to unmarried women, but I keep getting requests like yours, so I’m hoping to add some posts in the near future to address those questions. In the meantime, try this one. It really communicates an important message I’d love for more single women to understand: Don’t Waste Your Girl Power

  2. Super cute video, just loved it!

    I too can say “No” but often life doesn’t allow you to, regardless of what you think possible….

    Just remembering a son’s May 17th TACHE graduation, competing with a daughter’s Maste’rs ceremony from Baylor. Two weddings were added to the celebratory day w
    our oldest son being the best man in one of them. The family divided and conquered for the weddings since both are very close families to our heart. Needless to say, we spent the day in our very best clothes and with a lot of windshield time . Life is good and God’s Grace is sufficient.

    Congratulations on your quickly approaching wedding!

    1. Thanks, Judy. We’ve definitely had to do some of that “divide and conquer” lately with a new grandbaby and attendant babysitting duties during the time my daughter-in-aw was in the hospital, an out-of-town 30-year high school reunion, two wedding events, two children’s birthdays, two out-of-town field trips, and several major exams for our eight kids in college/professional school — all in the course of the past two weeks! We’ll all be together for David’s wedding this weekend, though, and are SO EXCITED about that!

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