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  1. I am constantly impressed with the balanced, insightful, non-judgmental yet truth-seeking information you give on this blog — especially coming from a *conservative white homeschooling **Christian *…if more of “us” (I am in all of those categories, too — or will be when I start homeschooling in a few years Godwilling) decided to approach issues this way, people on the “other side” wouldn’t have as much reason to hold anything against – and we would probably achieve a lot more solidarity.

    That last paragraph: “And no matter how emphatically our culture insists that one definition of ‘family’ is just as good as the next, the preponderance of research indicates there is an optimal design, at least when it comes to rearing offspring” — said better than any of the pastors or Christian leaders I have heard in the last few days regarding why the Supreme Court’s latest decision is so damaging to our futures.

    *an optimal design* — it’s really about that, isn’t it? God created us to thrive, to love him and each other with our whole hearts. We messed up when we sinned. But his optimal design remains.

    Anyway — I’m off on a tangent now. I just wanted to say thank you for this balanced and healthy perspective!

    MJ Sanders

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