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  1. My husband has always says; Valentines Day is for Amateurs! I’m thankful to report,… He shows me daily how to love!
    Thanks Jennnifer,… Love reading your posts.

  2. This is so refreshing to read. I thought I felt in a similar way because I am getting old! Lol! I no longer feel the anticipation of what Valentines Day is going to bring. I enjoy everyday consistencies so much more!!

    Wonderful post!


  3. What a great post and such truth! After 42 years of marriage I know for a fact that we definitely have to keep “fanning the flame” of romance and Valentine’s really has little to do with it. Every day should be Valentine’s Day for married couples!

  4. I like what you wrote about us loving each other well daily not just targeting one day for demonstrations of love. So key to a successful marriage – and something our spouses are deserving of.

  5. I love the part where he makes notes of what he wants to share with you when he gets home!! That means so much more than a quick trip for candy or roses, at least to me it does. You have such a sweet friendship with Doug, it truly shows.

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