Recipe for a Happy Marriage

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Marriage may not be the piece of cake you expected, but you can keep it tasting sweet...My husband and I celebrated yet another wedding anniversary last week — our 26th.

Marriage has been every bit as sweet and satisfying as I always dreamed it would be. My husband is my best friend, and I love getting to live life with him, sharing moments and making memories together. I feel incredibly blessed to be wed to such an amazing man.

Even so, staying married — and happily so — has taken much more work than either of us ever imagined.

Building a happy marriage is an ongoing process. It’s not something you can power through once, then check off your to-do list. There’s no propping your feet up and saying, “That’s done. Now I can move on to a different project.”

Marriage is a dynamic relationship. If a husband and wife are not drawing closer, they’re drifting apart. If their love isn’t waxing, it’s waning. If their passion’s not heating up, it’s growing cold.

There is no automatic pilot, no cruise control, no steady state, no mindless maintaining of the status quo.

Living “happily ever after” is not a given. It takes purpose and persistence, planning and prioritizing. If I want a happy marriage, then I must work to make it happy, each and every day.

Getting married is easy. Staying married, not so much.

A lot of couples expect marriage to be a piece of cake. When they discover otherwise, many want to throw in the (dish)towel and get out of the kitchen.

They forget that even a piece of cake takes time, attention, and know-how. The very best cakes (like the very best marriages) are made from scratch with fresh ingredients, carefully measured, skillfully mixed, and beautifully decorated.

Do you want a happily-ever-after marriage? It will require a lot of love and commitment, self-sacrifice and mutual respect, patience, forgiveness, friendship, and tender affection (refer to recipe below). God will supply the ingredients, but you’ve got to furnish the labor yourself.

You really can have your cake and eat it, too, but only if you stay in the kitchen and keep on baking.

Recipe for a a Happy Marriage | free printable from Loving Life at Home

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6 thoughts on “Recipe for a Happy Marriage

  1. Conja

    Printed it and had it plastic-coated, now it is hanging in my bathroom (Dutch custom to hang things worth reading in the bathroom – you always have some time there) 🙂

  2. Homeschool on the Croft

    Oh, so true… We’ve been married 22 years and like you, have a wonderful marriage. But I would be kidding if I said it hadn’t taken hard work.

    As long as you have commitment from both parties, I reckon most things can be worked through. After all, when we’re in the ‘valleys’, we realize, ‘Well, we’re married for life, so better get climbing up that mountainside. It’s either life together in this grey valley, or life together higher up the mountain’ 🙂

    And yes … it’s always worth the effort to make things better, isn’t it.
    Oh, and belated anniversary 🙂


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