Our Family’s Newest Christmas Tradition

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After our six-year-old was diagnosed with diabetes just before Thanksgiving, our family was invited to take part in a study aimed at discovering the cause of Type 1 diabetes and finding ways to prevent it. We were great candidates — twelve biologically-related children in a single family, three of whom have Type 1.

When we first agreed to be screened, we assumed we were signing up for a one-time finger prick, but it was actually more involved than that. A full vial of blood was required from each child, as well as from their father and our grandsons. (Luckily Unfortunately, I missed the age cut-off by a few months myself and was therefore ineligible to participate).

The staff who were taking the samples were very kind and extremely good at what they do. They made it easy for our children to bravely submit to the blood draws, although we’re all grateful we don’t have to endure four blood tests and four shots a day like their brothers. If any of the screens come back positive, we’ll get to do this all over again. If they are negative, guess what? The kids can still come back every year for another blood draw until they turn eighteen.

So we’re adding this event to our “Christmas Countdown Calendar.” It’s our newest Christmas tradition, and one we’d highly recommend to any other family affected by Type 1 diabetes.

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