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  1. Bless your heart! We have 11 children 2 diagnosed w/ diabetes. Our 13 yo son diagnosed after Thanksgiving before Christmas 12/19……. The diagnosing doctor at our rural hospital had 8 children, 2 with Type 1, how great is our God that He would see to it to put someone right there that understood on such a personal level? It just so happens that the son that was just diagnosed was born the same day his sister was diagnosed 14 years ago! God’s grace is more than sufficient!! I am grateful that brother & sister can encourage one another. I’m not sure I know another family that can understand the competitiveness of before meal numbers or A1C results, it’s certainly added a dynamic I never could have imagined! I’ll pray for your family, please pray for ours as well!

    1. I will, Melisa! Wow! That must have been a roller coaster day 14 years ago. I can’t imagine giving birth to one child and receiving such a diagnosis for another, all within a 24-hour time period. But you are right. God’s grace is sufficient, and the siblings are such an encouragement to one another. That’s a blessing, too.

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