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  1. Praise God ? My husband & I took the 5 Love languages quiz yesterday, & we had total opposite results…in the beginning it was innocent fun but as we started to talk about our likes & dislikes we both started to feel attacked & misunderstood. We ended up going to bed around midnight at the end we realized nothing was getting resolved & that we needed to work on our marriage.
    We both apologized, & prayed together.
    Now this morning I’m going through my email and I see your article about marriage and I immediately began to read it.
    I’m telling you nothing that happens is a coincidence, God is so good & this article has blessed me with a better understanding I can’t wait to share it with my husband and purchase your book❤️

    Thank you for sharing ?

    1. What providential timing! I had intended to send that newsletter on Wednesday but was delayed. Then I heard from you and a couple others, as well, that the timing really spoke to the need of the moment. Your are right. There are no coincidences!

  2. Your writing skills are just outstanding and I love how it’s all packed with humor.
    I have been reading your book for the 5th time (if not more) and again it helps so much to make some much-needed improvements. And because it is all backed up with Biblical arguments, it’s just too good not to follow. So thank you again!!

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