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  1. Weekly, our county detention center allows the Gideon organization to send a few members to come and give a Bible lesson. I’ve been enjoying being one of them. It can be so fun to share the gospel that’s in God’s word!
    Whenever I receive a prayer guide from you, the church makes copies for me and I take them to the jail. Every woman gets a copy. I thought this one about police officers will be interesting for them.
    Thank you so much ! Jean

  2. I Love, Love, Love the prayer for the police. I will have to print it off and give it to my Daughter in a frame to take to work with her. She is not a police officer but she is the Secretary to the Captain in the little town about 17 miles from where we live. This will be a nice gift for her.

    1. That’s a wonderful idea, Jackie. We have several friends who are police officers and are so very grateful for their service. But we’re also thankful for secretaries and office assistants and switchboard operators and all the other workers who help the police do their jobs more efficiently!

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