Happy Thanksgiving {Book Giveaway}

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Since my new book was released last week, I decided to make a printable coupon collection to go along with it. I thought it might be something wives might enjoy slipping into their husband’s Christmas stocking — and something their husbands would be happy to receive.

A free printable collection of coupons for a wife to present to her husband | from http://lovinglifeathome.com

My own husband got a sneak peek at the coupon book I was assembling for him last night, however, and insisted I post it today. “It will be a great little Thanksgiving gift for your readers,” he told me, “and it will put their husbands in a really thankful mood, too.

So, here it is. Click on the image above to download. After printing, you’ll just need to cut the coupons apart, put them in numerical order, and staple the stack together on the edge.

As an added bonus, I am also sponsoring a Rafflecopter giveaway. (Click on the link to enter.) The winner will receive eight copies of 25 Ways to Communicate Respect.

A book to discuss with your married friends -- enter to win 8 copies, and you can easily do just that!

Why eight copies to one winner? Because the book lends itself so well to discussion. The post that inspired the book received over 1000 comments in sixteen weeks. That tells me that communicating respect is a topic women care about. (It’s certainly a topic men care about!)

I would have happily gone on discussing it, too, but my husband asked me to close the comments last December, so I did. But I still had more to say on the topic, which is how that original short post morphed into a full-length book–a book that I hope many wives will read and take to heart.

Offering multiple copies in this giveaway is my way of encouraging the winner to share it with her friends, so that they can discuss what they learn and hold one another accountable in applying it to their lives and marriages.

How Do I Love Thee? A Devotional Journal for Wives

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  1. Jeffrey Lee Robinson

    This coupon book of yours is… absolutely horrifying.

    Haven’t you ever heard of The Stepford Wives? I guess not.

    I, for one, a man, would balk in disgust at a woman so robotic and inhuman as to even be capable of such unmitigated and unquestioning obedience. Disgustingly unattractive.

    1. Jennifer Flanders Post author

      Don’t worry, Jeffrey. Your woman probably knows you well enough not to give you a copy. You needn’t be horrified on behalf of husbands who might actually appreciate it.

  2. Beryl

    My marriage has respect from both ends. I have a tremendous amount of responsibilities inside and outside of our home. I would feel defeated if I had to do all the appreciation and respect in the marriage. My husband shows me respect, love, and homor and I show him respect, love and and honor. I work outside the home too, so we both tell the other how much we apprectiate the other. We both contribute to paying for the home, food, and other expenses,
    I guess I don’t quite understand how it has become a practice in this country to build up the husbands. The wife as well as the husband does a lot, and many times the woman is doing more. She needs to be shown appreciation too, don’t you think.
    Husbands and wives are not are not equal to our Savior, but what would Jesus do?

    1. Jennifer Flanders Post author

      Yes, Beryl, I agree that husband and wives both need love, respect, and encouragement. I don’t have to guess what Jesus would do, because the Bible tells me clearly what He did do, which was to demonstrate self-sacrificing love, even when He received none in return. That is a worthy goal for all of us.

      The reason I focus so much on what wives can do to improve their marriages is because I am writing specifically to women. If your husband is looking for some similar advice, but from a man’s perspective, I suggest he read my husband’s 25 Ways to Express Love to Your Wife. It is an excellent post.

  3. Shanna-Kaye

    I show respect to my husband by thanking him for the many things he does for our family-giving him praise for working hard to provide income for our family, and being so patient with me when I’m stressed.

  4. Christine poteet

    Communication is so important! I came from a family who had NO Communication and put themselves FIRST. I have learned through the LORD to honor my husband with the gift of communication. I’m so grateful for the LORDS will in our marriage!

  5. Christine Krolis

    I was really discouraged and depressed because it seemed like we had too much trials in our marriage. And worse of all, everything I tried to help us, seemed to hurt us more. On Oct 3 (at 9 months pregnant), I give up and asked God to do something. His answer came in creative ways! A few weeks later, I woke up at night to breastfeed my daughter and I turned the TV on. A few couples shared about marriage and I could totally relate to one of them. The next day I looked them up on the internet and I either read our listen to their advices based on God’s Word. Today I was worried about a specific challenge in our marriage. A friend on FB posted something about ‘Loving Life at Home’, and as I read other articles by Mrs. Flanders ….. God answered my prayer. I guess God allowed so many trials in my marriage to show me that we can never do this in our own. We need Him. As we got married we both knew that we needed God, but as time passed by it’s like we thought ‘This is easy, we can handle it on our own!’ And that’s when we got huge and devastating surprises! But the Lord has mercy on us, He’s showing me my mistakes ….. but most of all, he’s guiding me on the path to change and become a godly wife! Of course I didn’t read ’25 ways to communicate respect to your husband’ yet, but reading the title has encouraged me. Now, I’m finally open to look at my mistakes and with the help of the Holy Spirit change them! Mrs. Flanders thanks for having such a wonderful website and for using your experience, talents and knowledge to help young wives and mothers like me.

    1. Jennifer Flanders Post author

      Thanks for taking time to write, Christine. I am so glad that you have found my website helpful. That is an answer to MY prayers! You are right – we all need God’s help, and none of us can do it on our own. If you will message me your mailing address, I would love to send you a copy of both my books — an early Christmas gift for you, with my prayers and best wishes for a long and happy marriage.

  6. Mandie

    This is an area I can always use improvement in and can always use a reminder of what speaks to my husband the most as we speak two different languages….mine is love and his respect. Plus what I think is speaking respect may not be what actually speaks respect to him. Good thing is that I am on this journey that God is guiding me through and showing me each and everyday to rely on him and he will provide what I need to show my husband. 🙂

  7. Heather B

    I communicate respect to my husband in many ways. By listening to him and respecting his wishes, supporting whatever he does, I let him make the decisions, and just love him unconditionally.

  8. Katie Vitalbo

    I show respect by not questioning my husband when he makes a decision. Sometimes it’s really hard because it’s not the way I would do it, however, I know it’s important for him to be heard.

  9. Tenley Erickson

    I communicate respect to my husband in several ways. He works so hard every day, so I always do what I can to make his his work days stress free; make his lunch (with notes of encouragement), Include him in decisions, and most importantly, be his biggest cheerleader. I think listening is so very important. He knows I always have his back and I support him in everything he does. That being said, there is always more I could do! I will never waiver when it comes to improving our relationship. I strive every day to give more!

  10. Danielle Porter

    Just by doing little things, like not letting the dishes get to piled up in the sink or have 11 loads of laundry to do! It’s hard for him to focus on work, he works from home, when I let the house get too out of hand,

  11. Cynthia Wong

    Communication is so important in a relationship. I find it helpful to cultivate the atmosphere and a time that both of us are in tune and ready to listen and share from the heart!

  12. Koren

    I am learning how important it is to show my fiance respect and what kind of damage it can do if there isnt the smallest respect given to him. He is so amazing and deserves to know I respect him and I want to be the Godly wife God has created me to be. It starts with learning how to respect him completely. Thank you for your website, it is so informational.

  13. Lesley Bambridge

    One way I communicate respect to my husband is never to turn my back on him when he is talking to me. I stop what I’m doing and listen to what he is saying – and I resist the urge to interrupt! If my husband is talking and anyone else tries to interrupt him. I just keep looking at him and listen to him until he has finished speaking.

  14. Andrea

    I communicate respect to my husband by getting rid of items around the house that he doesn’t like such as drinking glasses that just aren’t right, and by having his favorite drinks around on the weekends,these little things let him know I’m listening and want to honor him.


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