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  1. Excellent, as always! I loved this and completely agree. I noticed that my husband and son will eat fruit and salad as long as I bring it to them while they are working, so I’ve started doing that almost every day. The rest of the meals are up to them (I offer, but….).

    Btw, I ve been a vegetarian 30+ years and I feel terrible. After reading Toxic Superfoods I’m beginning to heal from the oxalate overload. Spinach is not a Superfood, it’s a super toxin! I just gave up almonds and chia seeds too. I highly recommend this book. My skin was so fragile and I can tell that I’m finally healing and losing weight to boot! No more bloating. In our society where we can get the same foods year round we are overdoing it. Blessings to you 💖

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