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  1. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing these true stories of God’s faithfulness in your own family’s lives! They are so encouraging and while I know God to be faithful, it can be so very easy to let my mind wander from that knowledge. Your words are wonderful reminders to all of us when we are discouraged as the little momma who wrote you the initial letter wanting to hear your stories.

    Here is a sweet one of our own which always reminds me that God does see and hear: We had a lovely orange tabby momma cat, Cream Paws, who was expecting kittens when my daughter, Rebekah Jean, was 10 years old. As Rebekah Jean and I sat in the well-house one evening to watch her produce her darlings, she gave birth to three little ones. Some where orange like momma and some where tortoise shell(like the suspected daddy).

    We continued to watch, not knowing if she would have another. Rebekah Jean said,” I wish she’d have another one and it would be all white!” In my motherly wisdom, and wanting to prepare her for disappointment, I said, ” All white kittens are very rare, and we don’t even know if she’ll have another.” It was within a minute that Cream Paws started to pant and out popped an ALL WHITE kitten! Such delight on Rebekah Jean’s behalf and such humbling awe on mine.

    I still am awed when I think of that evening. It’s as if God said, “Yes, Stacie, in your “wisdom”, you think “this”, but I am so much bigger than you can imagine. It’s my go-to story when I start to doubt if God really sees and hears:)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Thank you for hearing that little mother’s cry of needing to be reminded of God’s goodness. In answering her, your reminded me and so many others that He is always active and waiting for us to come to Him and trust Him.

    1. That’s a delightful story, Stacie. I imagine every sighting of a white cat will be a reminder of that happy night.

      God has often used little white-breasted squirrels to remind my Rebekah of His faithfulness to hear and answer prayers.

      She told me that many years after God sent Oliver to us in that little cardboard box on the porch, she was sitting in her car, feeling very low, and doubting whether God was even hearing her prayers when a little white-breasted squirrel hopped right up on her hood and stared her down through the windshield, almost as if being used by God to chide her, “Have you so soon forgotten how miraculously I’ve provided for you in the past?”

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