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  1. “That’s right, I can understand all sorts of esoteric math and chemistry jokes, but I can’t figure out how to upload a single picture to the Instagram account I opened two years ago.)”

    That being said:

    Scientific Haikus:

    Fever, aches and pains?
    Try C9H8O4.
    Buffered, if you please.

    Stink of rotten eggs.
    Is it H2SO4,
    Or fire and brimstone?

    Haikus involving math (sort of):

    Eastern discipline
    First five, now seven, then five
    Brings me inner peace

    Excellence desired
    First five, now seven, not five
    Excellence denied

    Excellence aspired
    First five, now seven, then five
    Excellence attained

    Simple deception
    First five, now seven, then five
    Simply difficult

    I wrote these a few years back and have published them on only 3 or 4 blogs.

      1. I purloined Cosby and the “weight” one for the series of posts I am doing on body image on my blog. I will source them to the one you gave.

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