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  1. Hello !! Yes, We ALL need to stay watching and keep alert. We ALL need to Praise GOD for everything – even the unpleasant things that come our way in life (NOW, EVEN MORE SO In these days!) It is easy to Praise God when THINGS go your way in life – However, when things have gone bad it is even more necessary to Praise and Thank God for your life!! Believe me, I personally have had my trials in life when things have gone bad, but I KNOW that GOD has ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR ME – NO MATTER WHAT!!! I am one of GOD’s flock that has gone astray, stumbled and fell – But like the LOVING AND FAITHFUL HEAVENLY FATHER AND GOD that HE IS, HE picked me up, dusted me off, hugged me and gave me assurance and love and sent me back on my way!!! NEVER FORGET – OUR GOD (AND LOVING FATHER) IS ALWAYS there for us NO MATTER WHAT!!! THANK YOU MOST FAITHFUL AND EVER LOVING GOD AND SAVIOUR!!! I would follow YOU to the ends of the earth and back again! PRAISE BE TO OUR GOD!!?????????

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