How May I Help You?

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I  was having trouble with my Internet connection at home today, so I called customer service and was promptly connected with tech support in India. I spent about 45 minutes on the phone with a very helpful Indian man who asked me lots of questions about my connection problem.

Before I hung up, I said, “May I ask you a question? Has anybody ever told you that Jesus Christ loves you and that He died for your sins?”

“No,” the man answered without hesitation. “Nobody has ever told me that. I’ve heard the name Jesus before, but I know nothing about him. I’d be very interested in learning more.”

So I shared the gospel with him, then directed him to the section of our family website that outlines “Our Beliefs,” which he promised to read.  Of course, we are praying for him, as well.

Incidentally, our Internet is working again. It came back on about an hour after that phone call, as mysteriously as it went out earlier today. Do you believe in Divinely disrupted Internet service? How about providential phone calls?

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  1. macrinalane

    I believe that God can use anything for His glory which is one of the wonderful things about Him. He can use the heartbreak in our lives to form us and eventually to minister to others.


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