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  1. I had this conversation just the other day with my boy about eating crust on the bread. He dislikes it. It is tough. We both decided not to waste it but instead dry it and make bread crumbs. We look at many issues in life such as this but when we turn to God for answers/solutions, they are often found in what we want to push aside. Thanks for a wonderful post.

    1. There’s a Facebook button at the end of the post, but I think that may just be an opportunity to “like” and not to “share.” I don’t know how to get a share button to display to make this easy, but if you copy and paste the following url into the status box of the Facebook page you want to share this post on, it will automatically pull up the link and a preview. You’ll be able to add whatever comment you wish to the post, as well. Here’s the url:

  2. What a wonderful analogy, Jennifer. (And that’s really interesting about bread crusts.) It’s so true we want the soft, easy to chew parts of life. But the tough times do offer us many opportunities for growth that we wouldn’t get any other way. I love this perspective. Sharing tomorrow on facebook!

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