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Always Open: 5 Reasons I Love Having My Tubes Intact

Still Open: 5 Reasons I Love Having My Tubes Intact

I spotted an article online this week entitled Closed for Business: 5 Reasons I Love Having My Tubes Tied. It was written by a woman who had undergone a tubal ligation after the birth of her second child. Nine months later, she is exuberant about her decision. Whether she’ll still say it’s “the best thing I ever did with my… Read more »

Is It Wrong for Singles to Think about Sex?

Is it sinful for singles to think about sex?

I received the following sweet message last month from a reader who raised several good questions. Since other singles may be wondering about the same thing, I decided to post my response here: Question: Hello Mrs. Flanders, I enjoy reading your blog, Loving Life at Home. Not many married Christian women are as open to talking about sex as you… Read more »

Postponing Motherhood… at What Cost?

5 Must-Read books for Reluctant Mothers

Back when my husband was in medical school, his pharmacology textbook listed seven full pages of adverse side effects associated with oral contraceptive use, including: heart attacks strokes liver tumors blood clots gall bladder disease migraine headaches depression loss of vision urinary tract infections yeast infections weight gain thyroid problems high blood sugar … and myriad more, as well as… Read more »