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10 Ways to Stop Arguing with your Spouse

10 tips for couples who want to quit quarreling

How can I stop quarreling in my marriage? That’s the message one of my readers sent in a few weeks ago. Only eight words, but they describe a big problem. How can the solution to such a simple, straight-forward question be so elusive? Even in the best of marriages, couples will occasionally “butt heads.” How do we keep conflicts from… Read more »

Messy Beautiful Love {Review and Giveaway}

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Messy Beautiful Love

Is your marriage struggling? Does it feel one-sided? Do you long for it to be more than it is? Marriages are under attack as never before. Unfortunately, those attacks sometimes come not from without, but from within. In Messy Beautiful Love, bestselling author Darlene Schacht discusses just such an attack on her own marriage — one that surely would have… Read more »

I Married a Sinner (and So Did He)

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Nothing Else to Marry

What follows is an excerpt from my book, Love Your Husband/Love Yourself. I am posting here at the request of a blogging friend from Thankful Homemaker. The letter quoted at the end of this passage is a personal one that Elisabeth Elliot sent me in response to a letter I mailed to her over a quarter century ago. That was… Read more »

Grace for the Undeserving

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My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." - 2 Corinthians 12:9

Sometimes showing grace to others is easy. The person in need of grace is someone we like, someone who is naturally sweet, someone who’s normally very easy to get along with. Sometimes, though, extending grace is a challenge. Some folks are difficult, demanding, and inconsiderate. Some take advantage of others. Some are disagreeable. Some cut us off in traffic. Some… Read more »