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New Year’s Resolutions We All Should Make

I’m all for making lists of specific goals, but sometimes general reminders are in order, as well. Try posting these objectives on a bulletin board and reviewing them daily until they become automatic responses. (For a free printable copy, click here.) 1. Smile More 2. Spend Less 3. Stay Active 4. Don’t Worry 5. Eat Smarter 6. Pray Harder 7…. Read more »

Love in Action

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"Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas."

Can you believe it? Another Christmas come and (very nearly) gone! Ours ended up being white this year — a surprising and delightful rarity here in Texas. When you take down your tree and lights and stockings over the next few days, I hope you’ll be mindful not to pack away your Christmas spirit along with the decorations. As noted… Read more »

9 Things You’ll Learn by Reading Fiction

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Life Lesson #3: You Can Learn a Lot by Reading Fiction

For as long as I can remember, I have preferred reading non-fiction to fiction. When frequenting libraries and bookstores in bygone years, I’d push my way past anything with a plot and head straight for the how-to section. There, I was certain to find a book on some topic that piqued my interest: art or apologetics; bread baking or bricklaying;… Read more »