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10 thoughts on “My Favorites

  1. sherri

    I see that you have so many wonderful books listed above… I think I would add a good book on “graced-based” parenting to your list, as well..we can sometimes forget that we too, as parents are to train up a child,,, but a very important part of that is grace,,, the same grace that GOD gives to us as parents,,,, is the same grace that must be imparted to our own children.. or we will have missed showing them this very important attribute (beautiful attribute!!! ) of God our Father… there are so many out there… I have seen so many difficult relationships out there where grace was not given .. it is an absolute MUST for out children or we will have angy kiddos,,, who have never been fully introduced to a loving and gracious God… we all now diciplince, and consequences and a must… but equally important and maybe more… is grace…. that is how you really train up a child to love the LORD….

  2. Lola

    Just curious as to why you feel To Train Up A Child is a good book for any Christian parent. There are at least three cases where a child has died as a result of following the advice in that book. A lot of it is child abuse. I encourage anyone to research it for themselves. Otherwise, I love the rest of your recommendations.

    1. Jennifer Flanders Post author

      I appreciate your concern, Lola, but am curious to know whether you’ve read To Train Up a Child yourself, or are merely repeating something you’ve heard critics say about it. In my opinion, anybody who could read this book and feel justified in abusing a child is bringing something far different and darker to the book than I’ve ever seen there in the multiple times I have read it. I’ve found it to be a good reminder of the importance of setting firm but loving boundaries for my children, of being consistent and patient in their training, and — most importantly — of building the kind of close, warmhearted relationship and happy, wholesome memories together that makes my children want to please me and makes mothering them an absolute delight.

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  4. Simona

    To the books on marriage I would add

    1. His Needs, Her Needs by Willard F. Harley, Jr.
    2. The Most Important Year in a Woman’s Life/ The Most Important Year in a Man’s Life by Robert and Bobby Wolgemuth/ Mark and Susan DeVries — probably the best book for newlyweds

    To the books on parenting I would add:

    1. The Power of a Parent’s Blessing by Craig Hill
    2. The Power of a Parent’s Words by H. Norman Wright
    3. What Your Son Isn’t Telling You: Unlocking the Secret World of Teen Boys by Michael Ross
    4. Moms Raising Sons to Be Men by Rhonda Stoppe
    5. 52 Things Kids Need from a Mom: What Mothers Can Do to Make a Lifelong Difference by Angela Thomas
    6. 52 Things Kids Need from a Dad: What Fathers Can Do to Make a Lifelong Difference by Jay Payleitner
    7. Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson
    8. Christlike Parenting: Taking the Pain Out of Parenting by Glenn Latham
    9. Raising Respectful Children in a Disrespectful World by Jill Rigby
    10. The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian
    11. The 5 Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman
    12. Child Training Tips by Reb Bradley
    13. Raising Kids Who Hunger for God by Benny and Sheree Phillips

    … and I think I will stop here šŸ™‚


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