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Must Read Book for Wives - Love Your Husband/ Love Yourself: Embracing God's Purpose for Passion in Marriage

Here’s what readers are saying about Love Your Husband:

“Dear Jennifer, Thank You!! Thank you for your honesty, transparency, humor, encouragement and wisdom. This is a message openly opposed by our culture and sadly sidestepped by the Church… The institution of marriage in America is in crisis and Christians are fairing no better than the rest of the world. God has not overlooked that marriage is hard work, He hasn’t failed to notice that children and households require lots of tending. He didn’t create sex to extend a wife’s “to do” list but to protect and prepare couples so that they will stand firm in spite of life’s trials and responsibilities. Sadly, some of our friends’ marriages have not prevailed. Not one of those couples would say today, “Well, our physical intimacy was great…it was just everything else.” In every case, physical intimacy was one of their biggest (if not primary) issues. It cannot be ignored or reasoned away. In our culture and even in the church, so much emphasis is placed on the romance of courtship and marriage. We spend countless hours and dollars preparing for weddings and completely skip preparing our children for marriages! I barely got the message that physical intimacy was part of being a wife… one EVER made me feel like it was my PRIVILEGE! Until now. Thank You!”
Amber C. on

“Jennifer, I’ve got to say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your book…. Thanks for all of your input into the science and benefits of a good marriage and how to keep it that way!!!”
Torri in Tyler, TX

“This book may be geared to wives in their 20′s or 30′s, but in my “elder years”, it has been a blessing and a great review of what makes marriage work. The truth is the truth. Some will not be able to accept it, but Mrs. Flanders speaks only the truth from the biblical standpoint. As an older reader, my husband and I have had alot of fun conversation that we haven’t had in a long time, and it has sparked new respect for ourselves as a couple. You are never too old to learn. Don’t miss this one !!!!”
“Blessed Marriage” on

“This book is hands down the best all around and newly wed marriage advice on how to he happy and married, of any I have ever read and that was very many books! Jennifer does very well at pointing out the intricate design of a very wise creator. This is a must read for all marriages that want true happiness. True happiness is found in giving joy and grace to your very best friend. Not always easy, not always an inner urge, but always a blessing!”
Lewis in Kinzers, PA

“I ordered two of your books from Amazon on Monday, picked them up from the post office yesterday morning and have already finished the first section! I couldn’t wait to start reading it! Thanks for your courage to share this topic and your family with us. I will order several more…. I want to give them to several young ladies getting married.”
Valorie in Mesquite, TX

“I have started reading your book. I love it. I feel like, I was blind, but now I see and I wish I’d have seen it years ago…. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this book. I’m reading, praying, crying and trying not to stress [my husband] out or myself for that matter.”
Debbie in Collierville, TN

” I highly recommend it for all new brides, new mothers, and wanna be brides again!”
Brenda in Tyler, Texas

“I was privileged to get a copy ‘hot off the presses’ and am already thoroughly enjoying poring over each chapter. I want to be one of the first to give Jennifer’s book a plug: YOU LADIES NEED TO GET A COPY AND READ IT. YOUR HUSBAND WILL THANK YOU (in more ways than one!) AND YOU WILL EXPERIENCE SWEET JOYS IN YOUR MARRIAGE. Thanks for your boldness, Jennifer, to say what needed to be said.”
Kelly in Canton, Texas

How Do I Love Thee? A Devotional Journal for Wives

13 thoughts on “My Book

  1. Tracy

    Dear jeniffer ,
    I have read 25 reasons to show respect to your husband , i am not married but trusting God for a husband . i would love to read the book. I am a Kenyan do we have copies here?


    Good afternoon, i am newly married just about 1and a half years an dam committed to being a wonderful wife to my darling hubby. Thank you Jeniffer for your inspiration. Am Kenyan and will truly follow your advice. God Bless You.

  3. KristiJill

    Thank you Jennifer for that wonderful, uplifting book. My husband has been trying to teach me about feminism and the down falls of it, and my eyes have open to how prevelent it is. So when I came across the pin on pintrest about 25 ways to show respect to your husband, I laughed inside wondering what nonsense would most likely be written. I was shocked! I couldn’t believe that I was reading something my husband agreed with. As I looked at your blog, I felt my faith stregthen. Our first baby was a few months old and life was so different; good but different. Through your life example, I felt hope that I could do it.
    I enjoyed your book so much and it helped me better understand my role as a women and wife. Thanks so much for being willing to share about your life to help others.

  4. jennaleal

    I recently stumbled across your blog and find that it is so inspiring! My husband and I have been married since September 2011, but didn’t even get to live together until February due to his military career. We are together now and stationed overseas. I am trying to rekindle my faith because it has dwindled here recently, especially with my husband deploying in 4 months. Your blog fills my heart with hope and joy!

    1. Jennifer Flanders Post author

      Thanks, Jenna. That is tough, being apart from your husband. My husband served in the Army Reserves for about 15 years, but even when he was activated, all of his duty was stateside, so we usually just went with him. Had he been deployed overseas, I imagine I would have leaned even more heavily on my faith, just to see me through and to know that God is working all things together for the good to those who love Him. So I’m glad to hear you are reconnecting and pray you will find comfort and peace in Christ during your husband’s absence. May He bless and keep you both in His care.

  5. Mori

    I plan to order your book today. A friend of mine posted a link to one of your articles on facebook and I found this page. I am excited to read more! I am getting married in 8 months and I really believe this will help encourage me through the changes of becoming a wife.


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